I woke this morning to a flurry of texts and notifications...Harry is going to  make an honest woman out of Meghan Markle! During their photocall in the Sunken Gardens today, Harry said he knew Meghan was the one "the very first time we met." Prince Harry proposed with beautiful three-stone diamond engagement ring crafted by... Continue Reading →


When Harry Met Meghan: The Documentary?

Meghan Markle, our favorite likely royal, is the subject of a new documentary, When Harry Met Meghan: A Royal Romance. Any bombshells? Allegedly: Prince Harry had a crush on her nearly two years before meeting her. In fact, he described her as his "ideal woman." Who knew he had time to watch Suits? And why can't we all... Continue Reading →

Her Majesty, the Burger Queen…

Are you ready for an actual Royal with Cheese? You're in luck! Apparently the Queen owns a McDonald's! Well, technically the Crown Estate owns Banbury Gateway Shopping Park in Oxfordshire, which is also home to a Marks & Spencer and a Primark. Fast fashion and fast food, in Her Majesty's Name. And these aren't your... Continue Reading →

What’s better than one Kate Middleton?

How about an entire group of Kate Middletons...who sing! The Kate Middleton Choir is of the acts in drag star and performance artist Jonny Woo's "Un-Royal Variety"  show in the UK. The women, who range from PhD students to artists, wear matching brunette wigs and  the iconic blue Issa wrap dress. The choir is led by... Continue Reading →

Royal #SquadGoals

So...who's got the other half of Kate Middleton's BFF necklace? Popsugar rounded up the top contenders: Emilia Jardine-Paterson: Kate's friend from Marlborough College who whisked Kate off to Ibiza during her brief split from William. She's also Prince George's godmother. Sophie Carter: Always makes the list to celebrate Kate's birthday and went on the ski... Continue Reading →

Did Meghan Markle sparkle during tea with the Queen?

Forgive the rhyming... ...but this is kind of a BFD. According to the Daily Mail, Meghan and Harry visited Buckingham palace for private tea with Queen Elizabeth last week. Spokespeople at Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace declined to comment. This isn't your typical high tea - Harry actually needs Queen Elizabeth's blessing to marry. History lesson! According... Continue Reading →

Look George…everything the light touches…

Understandably, the Cambridge family are fairly tight-lipped when it comes to the kiddos. But they recently let slip a few delightful details. Prince George's favorite toy is Lego and he loves planes, while Princess Charlotte is already learning to dance and loves playing with dogs . But the best fact? Prince George's favorite movie is none other than Disney's The Lion King.... Continue Reading →

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